Involving Young People Policy

Door 84 Involving Young People Policy

Statement of purpose:

Involving Young People is an investment. It gives YP a voice and makes them feel recognised, worthy and valued for their opinions. Involving YP brings benefits for the Door 84, YP and wider society. We will also consult with the wider community about their needs and the other groups such as Community Sparks about their needs and opinions.

We believe:

  • Participation is an important and intrinsic part of good youth work practice and recognises the importance of involving Young People in the management, planning and delivery of the organisations services.
  • Is committed to developing structures that make this accessible to all Young People who use the provision.

Participation should:

  • Develop the skills and confidence of young people to enable them to be involved in the decision-making processes not only within the organisation but also within wider society.
  • Value, listen and respond to the ideas and opinions of young people in order that they gain a sense of self worth.
  • Recognise the importance of the experiences of young people in evaluating the project and promoting good practice.


The ‘Involving Policy’ applies to all work undertaken by Door 84 for the youth provisions and the Community groups and involvement applies at both operational and strategic levels. Door 84 will seek to promote good practice in involving participants in work undertaken with other partners.


Door 84 adopts Young People’s Services Principles:

  • Is committed to developing mechanisms that allow YP to be represented in decisions about the development of the service
  • Will regularly seek the views of the YP who use the service as part of this process.
  • Is committed to consulting YP about their experience of the service through informal and formal evaluation mechanisms
  • Is committed to listening to and acting on YP’s feedback through staff meetings, and planning and review procedures.
  • Is committed to integrating YP’s feedback into quality assurance, planning and decision making processes.
  • Will clearly display the complaints procedure.
  • Will ensure that staff are equipped with the skills and knowledge undertakes high quality involvement work with YP (through the Door 84’s Induction Process).

Appendix A

Key Principles for Involving Children and Young People (From Hear By Right)

A Children and young people’s involvement is a visible commitment that is properly resourced

  • There is visible commitment to the principle and practice from senior managers, elected members or trustees.
  • Participation is built into the organisation and is reflected in its strategic planning, services, resources and communication.
  • Relevant staff, elected members or trustees have opportunity to develop the attitudes and skills to work effectively with children and young people.


B Children and young people have equal opportunity to get involved

  • All children and young people have a right to participate in the decisions that affect them.
  • Children and young people feel welcomed and valued and are not discriminated against or prevented from participating effectively on grounds of ethnic origin, language, religion, culture, disability, age, gender, sexuality or the area in which they live.
  • Care and time is taken to go the extra mile to ensure children and young people facing greatest barriers to getting involved are aware of and can take up opportunities to have their say.
  • Relevant training and support are provided to children and young people so that they can contribute effectively.
  • Information is available to children and young people in good time and is accessible, jargon free and culturally appropriate.

Children and young people’s involvement is valued

  • Children and young people are treated honestly, and their contributions are taken seriously.
  • Feedback to children and young people about the effects of their involvement is prompt and clear.
  • Children and young people’s participation is rewarded and celebrated.

D Policies and standards for the participation of children and young people are provided, evaluated and improved

  • What the organisation is trying to achieve, and the intended benefits are clear from the start.
  • Children and young people evaluate the process and changes that result from their point of view and help apply lessons learned.
  • There are agreed quality standards and codes of conduct for working with children and young people to ensure their participation is safe and sound.


We are committed to reviewing our policy and good practice annually and will amend more frequently should legislation or reflective practice highlight the need for amendments.


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