Social Media Policy

Door 84 Social Media Policy

We take a “common sense stance” in regulating conduct and treat ‘electronic behaviour’ as it would ‘non-electronic behaviour’.

Aim of the Policy

We all recognise the frequent use of Social Media and therefore need to recognise the important of Door 84 using it to it’s advantage yet also consider safeguarding all involved.

Door 84 encourages participants, staff, volunteers, parents/carers and community members to communicate through Door 84’s Social Media. We have a Facebook set up to promote sessions, events and fundraisers and inform the Door 84 Community about good news stories and up and coming sessions and events information.

The Facebook page allows participants to contact staff with questions and concerns which is viewed regularly during normal Door 84 working hours. There is at least 2 administrators to our Facebook Account to support not only the Account to be viewed regularly but also for Safeguarding purposes so that other staff members/administers have access to all conversations between staff members and participants.

Facetime/Skype – This is not to be used in any of the Door 84 sessions for Safeguarding and privacy reasons.

Photo/Film Consent

To keep the page vibrant, up to date and personal to the users of Door 84, we will upload photos and videos on a regular basis. Photo/Film/Media consent will be prior agreed with the participant if over 18 year olds or their parent/carer if younger before anything is published.

There is an exception when photo’s/films are taken at Door 84 Public Events as posters will be displayed to say that media is being captured and to make yourself known if you do not wish to be included. Therefore, written consent is not collected at events.

Key pointers

  • Staff/Volunteers are not to request or accept any ‘friend requests’ from Young People or Community Sparks Members.
  • The Door 84 account is to be monitored by at least two members of staff and contact to and from Young People and Community Sparks members should only happen on this account.
  • Only authorised members of staff can update information such as status’s, photo’s etc
  • Staff should regularly check the privacy settings on their own social networking profiles, as they can change.
  • All staff/volunteers have a responsibility to share information if they are concerned about any updates on the Door 84 Facebook Page that could be seemed as inappropriate


We are committed to reviewing our policy and good practice annually and will amend more frequently should legislation or reflective practice highlight the need for amendments.


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