Youth Worker and Young Person Ratio

Working alone with a group of Young People should be avoided but due to the complex nature of the building outlay this can not always be the case. Due to the complex building, we will work with doors open at all times through to all areas unless there is a specific project that requires noise restrictions.

If this is needed then a worker should be with another volunteer. This is necessary in order to provide adequate supervision and take responsibility in case of an emergency where one worker has to leave the group.

The Children Act 2004 lays down specific adult to child ratios which are required for working with children under 8 years. The Children Act 2004 only recommends ratios for adults working with children and young people over 8 years.

Door 84 have decided to work on a high ratio to apply Young People to have more opportunity of conversation and support and also for the Workers to have a greater sense of support.

The ratio system applies to staff and volunteers that have worked up to the ‘green light’ area of the Traffic Light System.

1: 10 in General youth sessions

1: 5 on Trips and Residential

Where possible a male and a female worker will attend trips and residential overnight stays.

Community Sparks

The same applies with having the doors open yet as the group is a Facilitated Session and not Supervised Session, responsibility is on the individuals and Support Workers, although there will always be at least two members of staff available on site at any time for support.