Video and Case Studies

Please take a look at our video, filmed in 2013 by Community York. This is a quick glance at Community Sparks, showing what we do and also some comments from participants, volunteers and staff.

Below the video are some case studies provided by participants, volunteers and staff about their experiences at Community Sparks.

The Volunteer’s experience:

Wayne has been volunteering at Community Sparks since it originally started as a group run by the council. Since 2011, Wayne has supported the staff at Door 84 to deliver the group and continues to be an integral part of the team. He originally started coming to Community Sparks “to get out and doing new things rather than being at home bored, twiddling my thumbs, watching TV and eating sweets.” At first Wayne didn’t feel confident and he felt unsure about being in a new group of people, however now he feels that he “has built relationships, feels more confident as people know who he is and he enjoys having a laugh with everyone.”

Wayne continues to volunteer at Community Sparks as well as getting involved in other projects such as ‘Grow and Cook’ and he is the prime gardener for Door 84. He shares how other people tell him they like coming here and that it is a nice place to be”. Wayne feels Community Sparks provides opportunities for “different people to get out and about, if it was closed I’m not sure what people would do or where they would go, they would likely put on more weight and do less exercise”. If Community Sparks wasn’t open Wayne believes that people would “be at home, watching TV and getting fat”.


Emma has regularly attended Door 84’s community events over the last 3 years and became a Volunteer on the Community Sparks project a Creative and Social group for Adults with disabilities in July 2016.

What Emma likes best about Door 84 is the opportunity to meet new people, there is such a diverse group of people who work, volunteer and attend the centre for its many different projects and working as a team has meant that Emma has got to know these people rather than them being just a face. Emma commented “Door 84 has a nice atmosphere and Staff always welcome you with a smile.”

Emma feels that it is important and very beneficial that Door 84 is present in the community as it allows other charities and like minded organisations to co-exist on the premises and each are doing “great work for people who need it”.