Lone Working Policy

Lone Working – Personal Safety Guidelines

When lone working, it is essential that you follow a some basic principles to ensure that you stay safe. Door 84 will ensure to gather as much information of the background of Young People and build a relationship with the Young Person before any ‘Lone Working’ takes place.

Lone Working may take place;

  • With Young Volunteers and Work Experiences Students
  • When a Young Person wishes to discuss something personal with a Youth Worker
  • Within the Upfaders Project

Support within each of these will include;

  • Young Volunteers – These are generally Young People known to Door 84 and are low risk of working alongside a member of staff alone
  • Work Experiences Students – On a one to one basis they will often work with a Youth Worker or Administrator alone in the office. It would be the school or college’s responsibility to inform us of anything in particular we needed to be informed about. The Young Person would also complete application forms and a care plan if needed.
  • When a Young Person wishes to discuss something personal with a Youth Worker – This will generally be carried out within a session so other staff are on site unless specifically requested by a Young Person to meet in a separate time to sessions.
  • Within the Upfaders Project – Any initial meeting will happen with either two members of Door 84/Upfaders Staff or an Upfaders staff member, a Young Person and a Support Worker/Carer where a registration form will be completed and discussed. When a one to one session is happening, the main worker will have various contacts such as the Door 84 Managers and Senior Workers for emergency use and contact details of the Young Persons Emergency contacts.

The Manager and Senior Workers will be the first points of contact if you had concerns, unless it is an emergency that requires 999 to be called. For example, if you are immediately concerned about the safety or well-being of yourself or the Young Person.

Listen to your instincts – If your instincts tell you that something is not right, end the session immediately and inform someone at the earliest opportunity.

This Policy links into the Safeguarding and the Roles and Responsibly Policies.