Volunteer Policy

Door 84 Volunteer Policy

Purpose of the Policy

The Volunteer Policy identifies and sets out the principles by which Door84 works with Volunteers, the benefits it gains from its volunteers and benefits that Volunteers expect to gain. This Policy sets out the standards for recruitment, appointment and induction of Volunteers to ensure that both Volunteer and Door 84’s expectations are met. It provides for fair and equal treatment of its Volunteers and a framework for implementation within the Organisation.

Who the Policy applies to

This Policy is for staff that work with and provide support to Volunteers within
Door 84 and for Volunteers themselves. The Policy will also be useful for Organisations and individuals with whom Door 84 has partnerships with. The policy will be provided to all Door 84 Staff and Volunteers.

Who are Door 84 Volunteer’s?

A Door 84 Volunteer is someone who freely chooses to offer their time to undertake tasks and activities to assist Door 84 achieve its aims without payment or expectation of payment. The arrangement is voluntary on both sides and either party is entitled to bring this to an end.

Broadly, Door 84 recognises four Volunteer Roles within its Organisation:

  • Volunteer Youth/ Community Worker
  • Office Volunteer
  • Fundraising/ Events
  • Young Volunteers

Door 84 seeks and values the following attributes that volunteers bring

  • A genuine interest in helping Young People and Community Members
  • A non-judgemental attitude
  • A willingness to listen and learn new skills
  • Understanding, commitment and reliability

Door 84 is unable to accept applications from applicants who are not willing to commit to Door84’s aims and objectives and from those who Door 84 consider to be unsuitable for the role.

Equality and Diversity

Door 84 is committed to building a diverse Organisation that is responsive to the needs of the Young People, Community Members and our stakeholders. Door 84 is also committed to equal opportunities at all stages of recruitment and selection, short-listing, interviewing and selection of volunteers should always be carried out without regard to protected characteristics: age; disability; gender reassignment; marriage and civil partnership; pregnancy and maternity; race; religion or belief; sex; and sexual orientation.

Door 84’s Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy can be found in the Policy and Procedure folder onsite or via our website on  https://www.door84.co.uk/about-2/policies-and-procedures/.

The value and benefits that Volunteers bring to Door 84

Door 84 recognises that volunteers are an enormous resource in helping to meet its aims.

They bring a wealth of expertise, knowledge, experience and skills to Door 84 Specifically,


  • Assist the Youth/Community Workers to deliver much of the face-to-face work with Young People and Community Members.
  • Enrich the quality of programme delivery.
  • Provide contacts and networking opportunities that help promote and raise the profile of Door 84.
  • Offer specialist knowledge in a variety of areas.
  • Provide an interface between Door 84, the local community, funders, referrers and other partners upon whom Door 84 relies.

The benefits to a Volunteer supporting Door 84 Youth Space

Supporting Door 84 provides volunteers with:

  • The ability to make a difference to the lives of individual young people and Community Members, and thereby contributing to society as a whole
  • An opportunity to be part of a successful charity who is passionate about the work they do.
  • Personal development opportunities and rewarding experiences.
  • Networking opportunities and interaction with other volunteers, supporters and Door 84 staff
  • Boost your career options

Door 84’s principles of working with volunteers

Door 84 has several defined principles and processes relating to a range of areas and aspects that underpin volunteer involvement in its activities. These are outlined below.

The principles will ensure fair and equal treatment of all Volunteers.

Door 84’s Safeguarding Young People and Vulnerable Adults.

The Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy gives clear procedures on responding to concerns regarding the safeguarding and protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults. Combined with the associated procedures, and guidance, the policy provides a structure for staff and volunteers that may come across concerns of this nature within the context of their work.

All volunteers should read this policy during their induction period in order to move up the traffic light system and fully complete the induction process.

Door 84’s Safeguarding policy can be found in the policy and procedure folder on site or via our website https://www.door84.co.uk/about-2/policies-and-procedures/.

Recruitment and appointment of new Volunteers

Door 84 requires the use of an application form to collect information on all prospective volunteers. Additionally, all volunteers will be formally interviewed to provide relevant information and explore their aspirations and the experience they can bring to the organisation. It is important for all involved to appreciate that the interview is not a competitive process, and the sole selection criteria is suitability for the role. Written references will be required and taken up to help confirm suitability for volunteering and for specific roles.

A DBS check is required for any volunteers who are 18+ in order to Volunteer on any projects at Door 84.

If you are a Student who is completing a placement required by your University Programme you will be responsible for obtaining your own DBS check through your University. You must ensure that it is an Enhanced check that covers Child and Adult Workforce. Student Applications will only be considered if a DBS check is already in place.

If you are a non-student Door 84 will carry out and pay for the DBS check on your behalf.

Volunteer positions will NOT be offered until the DBS check has been processed and you have received your certificate.

Having a criminal record will not necessarily bar someone from volunteering with us. This will depend on the honesty of the applicant on their application form, the nature of the position and the circumstances and background of their offence.

As our work at Door 84 revolves around building positive relationships with young people and Community Members, we ask that volunteers are able to commit to a minimum of 60 hours volunteering. This is to ensure that both Young People, Community Members and Volunteers feel that Door 84 is a stable and secure place for relationship building. Volunteers who do less than 60hrs will not be offered a reference when they decide to leave Door 84.


Induction process

Volunteers who have been offered a Volunteer Role must complete and have the following signed off by the Volunteer Co-Ordinator before undertaking any Volunteering activities at Door 84.

  • Volunteer Handbook must be completed.
  • DBS check must be completed.
  • Two references must be received.
  • Online basic safeguarding certificate must be completed.
  • Taster Session must be attended.
  • All Door 84’s Policies and Procedures must be read and signed off.


Volunteers will have a set of skills, knowledge and attitudes gained from their education, work, previous volunteering, and life experiences. However, to ensure that volunteers are appropriately equipped for their role each volunteer must undergo the appropriate induction and training process.

As a minimum, all volunteers are expected to complete the ‘Introduction Play and Youth Work’ trainingA one day in house training day that underpins all of the work undertaken by Door 84. Active Volunteers are to be offered the opportunity to attend a refresher training session.

Those Volunteers working on our Community Project are expected to attend an
in-house Community Sparks training session.

All Volunteers are expected to complete the online basic safeguarding course prior to starting their Volunteer role and provide Door 84 with a copy of their certificate.

Door 84 is committed to providing and sign posting Volunteers to training opportunities that will enable them to grow both personally and professionally. All Volunteers are actively encouraged to take up as many of these training opportunities that are offered to them.

Management and support of Volunteers

Each volunteer will be provided with relevant management and support from the Volunteer Co-ordinator and other team members. This will include regular, appropriate and mutually agreed contact.

As a minimum, volunteers will be offered a Key worker meeting every 8 weeks, where possible. Keyworker meetings offer the opportunity for Volunteers to discuss their role, share feedback and identify individual development and support needs and to ensure that their individual aims set out in the Volunteer Handbook are being achieved.

Door 84 will also provide appropriate recognition and occasions to celebrate volunteers and their work, on an individual and group basis, according to specific role(s), commitment and length of service. This includes Volunteer of the month, Door 84’s Perks card for volunteers who have 3 months’ service and have completed a minimum of 60hrs Volunteering, certificates of achievement and social gatherings.

Health and Safety

Door 84 Youth Space will ensure that all volunteers are provided with the appropriate information, supervision and training required to enable them to complete voluntary work safely. This includes providing suitable systems and procedures and guidance is outlined in the Health and Safety Policy.

Door 84’s Health and Safety Policy can be found in the policy and procedure folder onsite or via our website on https://www.door84.co.uk/about-2/policies-and-procedures/.

Volunteers must take reasonable care of themselves and others while volunteering for Door 84, and follow any health and safety advice and instruction given for their role. Volunteers should co-operate with Door 84 on health and safety matters, and immediately report accidents/incidents (including near misses – accidents/incidents that may lead to injury) to senior members of the team.

Volunteers should not intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health, safety and welfare.

Door 84 has a duty of care to volunteers to ensure they are supported in their role, as well as our young people.

If a volunteer finds themselves in a situation which is a threat to personal safety, their first point of contact should be a senior member of the team.


Door 84 Youth Space endeavours to reimburse volunteers for resources they have purchased for session activities. Volunteers must ensure that they have received prior permission from a Senior member of the team before purchasing any resources/ equipment for Youth/Community Sessions. Volunteers must present a receipt in order for a re-imbursement to be issued.

Volunteers who volunteer at all day events or on Residential’s will be provided with food and refreshments.

Volunteers will be reimbursed for any mileage costs that they have incurred from carrying out work for Door 84, such expenses must be prior agreed with a senior member of the team.



Door 84 Youth Space provides Employers Liability, Public Liability and for all Volunteers whilst working on Door 84’s activities.

All Volunteers that already hold Business Class motor insurance will be automatically covered for their work on behalf of Door 84. Volunteers are not required to hold this level of insurance in order to Volunteer with us, it would be the Volunteers personal choice to take out this type of Insurance.

  1. Confidentiality, copyright and data protection issues

All volunteers are required to comply with Door 84’s Confidentiality Policy with regard to their dealings with Young People and Community Members and to keep confidential any information they become aware of through their volunteering that is not in the public domain.

Door 84, in complying with the Data Protection Act 1998, will treat in confidence the information it holds about Volunteers. Volunteers have the right to request to see all the information held about them by Door 84.

Volunteer information, such as application forms, references and any reports regarding conduct concerns, will be stored in a safe and secure location.

Door 84’s Confidentiality Policy can be found in the Policy and Procedure folder on site or via our website https://www.door84.co.uk/about-2/policies-and-procedures/

Leaving Door 84

Volunteers are free to cease volunteering with Door 84 at any time, although, wherever possible, an agreed period leading up to this point would be helpful in order to give Door 84 time to make any alternative arrangements required.
Due to the nature of the role it is vital to let Door 84 know if you cannot attend any sessions. This can be done by telephone, email or Facebook. Failure to contact Door 84 more than twice if you are unable to attend a session will unfortunately result in your Volunteer Agreement coming to an end.

Door 84 will offer volunteers the opportunity to feedback before leaving their role. Volunteers will be invited to attend a final key worker meeting and to complete a ‘Your Experience’ questionnaire form. Door 84 will ensure they are appropriately thanked for their support.

Volunteer Feedback

We provide a range of opportunities for Volunteers to offer feedback on our processes, support and work. These are inclusive of annual reviews.

We are committed to reviewing our policy and good practice annually and will amend more frequently should legislation or reflective practice highlight the need for amendments.


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